Non-dairy Products and Specialties

Specialty Spray-Dried Ingredients and Non-Dairy Products

Shelf-Stable, NON-REFRIGERATED, Spray-Dried Ingredients and Non-Dairy Products – Click here to download as PDF document.

*We can custom blend most of our spray dried ingredients ; Dairy Blends, Non-dairy Blends, Spice blends, and Cheese Powder Blends (Packaging from 1oz up to 2200lbs totes).*

Cheese Powders
-American Cheese
-Baker’s Cheese
-Cream Cheese
-Blue Cheese
-Cheddar Cheese Powders & Blends
-Cheese Blends
-High Flavor Cheese Sauce Mixes
-Colby Cheese
-Mac & Cheese Sauce Mixes
-Monterey Jack Cheese
-Mozzarella Cheese
-Muenster Cheese
-Parmesan Cheese & Blends
-Provolone Cheeses
-Ricotta Cheeses
-Romano Cheese & Blends
-Snack Cheese Blends
-Swiss Cheeses
-White Cheddar Cheese Seasonings

Specialty Dairy Powders
-Butter Powders
-Cultured Butter Powders
-Cultured Buttermilk Powders
-Dehydrated Sweet Creams & Blends
-Flavor Intense Butter Powders
-High Acid Buttermilk Powders
-Sour Cream Powders
-Yogurt Powders
-Sweet Cream Powders
-Margarine Powders

Flavors and Misc Products
-Cream Soup Bases
-Dehydrated Molasses
-Egg Replacers
-Gravy Mixes

Natural Flavors
-Natural Cheese Flavors
-Ranch Flavors
-Whipped Topping Bases
-Spay Dried Mustards
-Shortening Powder
-Vegetable Oil Powder
-Vegetable Oil Shortening
-Tropical Oil Powders

Nondairy Creamer – Fat Free
Nondairy Creamer – 15% Fat
Nondairy Creamer – 29% Fat
Nondairy Creamer – 50% Fat

Whole – Frozen
Whole – Dried
Yolks – Frozen
Yolks – Dried
Whites – Frozen
Whites – Dried
-Yolks w/ sugar or salt

-Orange Juice (Liquid or Powder)
-Apple Juice (Liquid or Powder)
-Grapefruit Juice (Liquid or Powder)

Miscellaneous Ingredients
-Titanium Dioxide