Agri-Dairy Products, Inc. has and continues to support a wide range of charitable organizations and worthy causes in our community and in other areas. From cancer research to our local chamber of commerce, we acknowledge and proudly support each. However, corporations can only support these organizations monetarily. It is people who volunteer and donate their time and effort which enable these worthy causes to be successful.

We understand this and are proud to say that Agri-Dairy employees volunteer and give themselves in support of many charitable organizations. They have asked that their names not be mentioned since they do not seek recognition, but rather the gratification of giving to others. However we are proud to mention the many causes for which they have so generously committed themselves. They have given their time and effort to the Special Olympics, which through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths, skills, and abilities. We have flown on two Honor Flight missions, bringing approximately 60 WWII veterans on each flight to the World War II Memorial in Washington. D.C.

These flights honor our veterans for their service to our country during a time in our nation’s history which challenged our freedoms that we cherish so much as Americans today.

Agri-Dairy employees understand and honor our most valuable citizens, senior citizens. Our employees regularly volunteer at local senior centers and are involved with local agencies to make sure that the needs of our seniors are being met. It is so important that those who have worked hard and built our country to become the greatest nation on earth are not forgotten.

Agri-Dairy allows time away from work and gives financial support to any employee who donates their time to support these and any other community causes.



At a time when less history and basic handwriting is being taught in our nation’s school systems, it remains important for children to understand the importance of a nation’s food supply. The independence and  political stability of a country is based on the ability to feed its people. The United States has continued to have a stable and abundant food supply which has given us the ability to feed ourselves and the ability to feed other parts of the world. But today most children are unaware of where and how basic foodstuffs, from both plant and animal, are created. When asked, many children believe milk comes from a carton in the supermarket. They are only partially right, but sadly many know little more than that. At Agri-Dairy we are aware of the importance of educating our children and making them aware of how food is grown, how milk is produced and the importance of sustainable farming. By bringing children to local farms, they can see and understand how food is grown, how milk is produced and how proper farming techniques and management insure sustainability for many years to come. Each generation must understand and appreciate the importance of an adequate food supply and how important it is to us as a nation. Our goal is to have our children look at popcorn as a kernel of corn, to look at milk as a food designed by nature for the total nutrition of mammals, and to look at a blade of grass as an important feedstuff for animals.



We introduce young college students to the world of dairy through our internship program. Students get professional experience into an industry that is not usually sought out by many. For sixty days young college students learn about milk and the various components of milk. They get an overview into the many by-products resulting from manufactured dairy products. They learn sales, marketing, forward pricing and futures trading of various dairy products. We also benefit by annually getting a fresh mind with new perspectives.

Our current intern, Jeremie Dabireau, came to us from the Rennes School of Business in Rennes, France. His first comment was in regard to our “antiquated website”. Being in the dairy industry for over 30 years and having the same website for quite a while, we never saw anything wrong with it! So we challenged him to create a better one. Within three weeks we launched a
new website. If you like the website that you are currently viewing, it was designed by our young intern. We were very impressed by his level of maturity, his work ethic, and his eagerness to learn about an industry that he may eventually decide not to become a part of.

His commitment to learn did not end with his studies.One evening he dined with Anthony Villardi, a 94 year old World War II veteran. Mr. Villardi was no stranger to France since his first visit there in 1945 via Normandy Beach. Jeremie presented Mr. Villardi with cheese produced in Lyon, his home town in France and thanked him for his military service to both of our countries. Jeremie was quite an impressive young individual who will have no problem succeeding at whatever he decides to do. Maybe dairy!